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--- Beach Sand Scoop "HEXAHEDRON 2.0+"---

Detachable extra handle included.


Material: Not magnetic AISI 304 Stainless steel
Thickness of steel: 2mm
Length: 11.4"/290 mm
Width: 8"/205 mm
Height: 4.5"/115 mm. Height to top of tube: 7.9"/200mm
Hole: 0.4"/10 mm (diagonal of the hexahedron)
Hole for handle: about 1.38"/35mm (contact with me, if you need another size of the hole)
Weight: about 1.15 kg (without extra handle)

We are glad to tell, that many years of experience of creation high quality beach sand scoops, helped us to create our the best ever model of the scoop - Hexahedron 2.0. You want to know why it is the best? I'll try to explain, just give me a few minutes of your time.

Our Main Advantages

1. Hexahedron holes is the best choice for the sand scoop. Unlike the round holes they cover surface much better. Compared the round holes, hexahedron cover up to 25% more surface with the same size! So the sand will flow up to 25% faster and better from your scoop.

2. Hexahedron holes has the same thickness of the border in the every point, unlike the round holes. So it helps to cover surface better and it helps to avoid thin weak part of the border (as at the widest point of each round hole), due to this pressure is distributed evenly over the entire surface, so the scoop with hexahedron holes is stronger, lighter and works better with the sand compared the scoop with round holes.

3. Moreover, round holes are made by hand by drilling. Hexahedron holes are made by professional cnc machines. So due to this we can get 100% accuracy of each hole. Also it helps to avoid of the creation of hazardous sharp splinters, which will inevitably remain after drilling the hole manually.
4. Exist two way how to make hexahedron holes: cnc laser machine or professional cnc punching machine. When you use laser the metal is exposed to high temperatures, so the stainless steel lose anti corrosion features at the point of exposing of the laser. It is not good. We use powerful German cnc punching machine Trumpf, it helps to save anti corrosion features of the stainless steel and it helps to avoid the sharp borders of the holes, if you will scrutinize our scoop you will see that each border between the holes is slightly rounded, so it makes the scoop safer and the sand flows even better.

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Beach Sand Scoop "Hexahedron 2mm" + extra handle

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