Collapsible aluminium handle

for beach sand scoop

(scoop is not included)


Material: Non Magnetic Aluminium Alloy
Length: 45"/1150 mm (length when disassemble about 24")
Width: 1.37"/35 mm
Weight: about 1lbs (0.45 kg)

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This is a great additional to your beach sand scoop. Now you will be able to pack your scoop and the handle even to suitcase end take it elsewhere.

  Long aluminium handle collect of two equal parts of 23.6" each, so no you can easy carry your scoop even in the suitcase. Fixates by spring clip connection. It is very easy and fast to assemble it and fixate to the scoop. It is produced of strong and lightweight anodized aluminium alloy. Weight of the handle is about 1lb. Each part of the handle is sealed and hermetic so it is doesn't drown in the water. The handle is very comfortable and through the anodizing it is not slick.
This handle fits for the scoop with inner diameter of the handle hole of 35mm. At now it fits for our Hexa and Hippo scoops.
On order we can make the handle of custom length, and even collapsible of three parts. Price will be differ. Please contact with us first, if you need custom handle.

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Alu Alloy Collapsible 45" Beach Sand Scoop HANDLE

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